We are a non-profit organization whose mission is to cultivate human potential and resiliency locally and globally through education, mentoring and coaching centered on an understanding of the mind that SPARKs innate mental health.

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Our primary focus is supporting and educating YOUTH through our SPARK Mentoring Curricula.

Serving Youth & Our Community

We are a non-profit organization that offers paid services, and the money we generate allows us to give back to our community in direct and tangible ways. Every dollar earned (through the SPARK mentoring curricula, and other services) means that we can give free services, support, and education to anyone in our community who is under the age of 18. We also serve adults at-risk through local sex-trafficking support groups, domestic violence outreach and in the criminal justice system. Our impact is further increased through donations, funding, and strategic partnerships.

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for ages – 5-22


for all changes – makers looking to increase their impact


for all educators looking to increase their impact


for young change – makers ages 18-30


for parents wanting to better understand their children and themselves

Here are some of the ways we’ve made an impact in our local community this year…

The S.P.A.R.K. Curriculum was delivered to

Taught across 2 local counties (Hillsborough County & Manatee County) this year, at no extra cost to students or their families.

Free Support to ANYONE Under the Age of 18

We gladly offer our services and support to all youth and children in our community, absolutely free of charge. Always.

52 Weeks of Local Support Groups

Helping survivors of sex trafficking regain hope, and plan for a bright future, we lead a weekly support group at a local safe house.

SPARKing Insight to Well-Being Jail Program

We work with juveniles, groups of women, and Veteran men in the criminal justice system to find their SPARK and see that they are NOT broken.

SPARKing Change Youth Leadership Program

Our interns go through a year long program, teaching them about their mental health, inorder to help them mentor youth in their communities


… no-one is broken.

… we are all in it together.

… in honoring diversity and inclusion.

… in seeing the potential in everyone.

… in respect and compassion.

… possibilities are infinite.

… in transparency and communication.

… love wins.

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The SPARK Initiative would like to acknowledge the following organizations for their collaboration and support…