SPARK Programs


Our certified SPARK Mentors have delivered our SPARK Mentoring programs to over 5000 youth across Hillsborough County, FL, in schools, detention centers, rehabilitation facilities, jails, and community centers. Through these programs, they have gained a deeper understanding of their mind, how the thought-feeling connection creates their experience and discovered their SPARK inside that guides them through life to be the successful, creative, confident, and resilient humans they were born to be. This self-awareness allows them to walk through life with greater compassion for themselves and others. Additionally, these programs have been proven to effectively increase impulse control and develop decision-making, communication, and problem-solving skills that they can carry with them throughout the entirety of their lives.

One-On-One Mentoring Services

We provide free one-on-one mentoring to anyone in our community under the age of 18. To date, over 300+ young people have had the opportunity to work with a private, certified SPARK mentor on a weekly basis, to gain a clearer understanding of themselves and their ability to make successful decisions for their future. Equipped with an understanding of how the mind works, we have witnessed mentees step into their confidence, create healthier relationships, and enjoy all the benefits of increased self-awareness

Sparking Change

This year-long paid internship is designed to help guide young people, ages 15-28, to have a better understanding of their own mental health while also supporting their passion for creating positive change in their communities. Through mental health training, shadowing our classes, and their own passion projects, interns become equipped and inspired to make a difference in their communities. Interns have created projects that support students with tutoring in school, feeding the homeless, mental health in the LGBTQ+ community, and access to critical resources like schooling, housing, employment, mental health, and food. We’ve had the privilege of graduating 18 young people since the program’s inception in 2021.



Community Support Groups

Our weekly support groups have impacted over 320 survivors of sex-trafficking survivors in our local community.  Through a partnership we have with Selah Freedom, we have worked closely together to help these young women see their true selves, beyond their past or decisions made. They have been guided to see that they are always whole, and their Spark is innate. We have witnessed women complete this phase in their recovery and move to the next phase with confidence and a clearer perspective of the life they desire.

Criminal Justice Programs

In partnership with The Insight Alliance (UK) and Beyond Recovery (Portland, OR), we’ve developed a powerful wellness curriculum for those currently incarcerated. This program, called Insight to Well-Being, has impacted over 520 adults in the Falkenburg Road Jail located in Hillsborough County, FL. Because of our strong belief that everyone has innate well-being, regardless of their current situation and/or decision made, we develop a unique connection with participants in this program to help them live in their well-being more of the time. This prevents recidivism and gives an opportunity to reach their potential.